How to order?

Step by step guide

To contact us please always use our e-mail: tokar(at)iontosorb, point, cz

  1. Choose our product: Do you have any question? Please read our website or contact us by e-mail.
  2. Ask for price by e-mail: Please use this form: [Name, Porozity, Particle size, Quantity] (e.g.: Iontosorb IDA 200 H, 80-100 µm, 1 Liter. Or Iontosorb MG 100, 30-50 µm, 50 ml). We will send you our price list.
  3. Learn conditions of business and supplement: These Conditions create an integral part of the sent order and they are obligatory for both sides:
     →  Conditions of business and supplement
     →  Conditions of business and supplement (conditions.PDF)
  4. Send us your order by e-mail: Please do not forget to write:
    "ORDER" into your email subject line.
    Exact specification of the requested goods [Name, Porozity, Particle size, Quantity] (e.g.: Iontosorb MT 200, 100-250 µm, 5 Liter. Or Iontosorb MG CM 200 M, 30-50 µm, 100 ml).
    Delivery address and phone number for delivery.
    Facturation address and your VAT ID (VAT ID only for EU).
  5. Production: Having all informations, we confirm your order by e-mail and start immediately the production. Production and delivery time is 3 weeks after confirming your order.
  6. Packing:
    • Magnetic sorbents - PP Bottles: 50 ml; 100 ml; 250 ml; 1 L and their multiples.
    • Non magnetic sorbents - PP Bottles: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L; PP Barrel: 10 L; 20 L, 30 L; 50 L and their multiples.
  7. Stabilization: IONTOSORB Bead Cellulose and its derivatives must not be dried, because drying results in loss of porosity. Therefore they are supplied fully swollen in water, sucked off.
    • All non-magentic Iontosorb sorbents must be stabilized with 0.02% sodium azide water solution or 20% ethanole water solution immediately after receiving them. Iontosorb sorbents shall be immersed in the stabilization solution with at least 2 cm layer above sorbent particles.
    • Sorbents for magnetic separations can be stabilized only with 20% ethanole water solution.
    All Iontosorb sorbents are supplied in fully swollen state in water and therefore they are not stabilized. Free water is sucked off to minimize transport cost.
  8. Shipping: Usually we send your order by DHL or Post (dependently on quantity and according to the destination of delivery). Delivery time usually 3-4 days according to transport service provider conditions.
  9. Invoice and analytical certificate: Paper invoice and analytical certificate are attached into your parcel. Their copies are sent by e-mail as a .pdf file.
  10. Transport cost is added to the price of the goods according to transport cost.
  11. Maturity of our invoices is 21 days.


Following discount is provided

Non-magnetic bead cellulose and its derivatives
Ordered Quantity Discount in % from Basic Price
0,250 - 9,75 liter Basic price according to the price list
10 - 49 liter 10 %
50 - 99 liter 15 %
above 100 liter 20 %
Magnetic bead cellulose and its derivatives (MG)
Ordered QuantityDiscount in % from Basic Price
250 ml Basic price according to the price list
0.5 - 1 l 10 %
1.5 - 2 l 15 %
2.5 - 5 l 20 %
above 5.5 l 25 %


Black list

This page was created, with regretting, after bad experience with some customers as a warning for other firms. Even after several e-mail messages saying that a certain invoice after due day had not been paid for and after a notice that debtors would be published including their name and address if they do not pay, some customers still have not paid. Therefore these customers are published in the following table. Their name will be deleted immediatelly after performing payments (after the owing sum appears in the account of the firm IONTOSORB at Komercni banka). The account number and bank connection is given in every invoice.

It is very sad that even in Western Europe there exist not paying firms.

NameAdressInvoice No.Maturity, due dateAmount €