(IEC) Ion Exchange Media

General informations

By their pressure stability ion exchangers IONTOSORB belong to the category of swollen semi-rigid gels for low-pressure chromatography. The gels are characterized by excellent mechanical properties.

Flow characteristics of Iontosorb ion exchange types Gel bed 1 x 60 cm, particle size 100 - 250 μm for all types
1ion-flow.gif, 4 kB
Titration curves of cation exchangers
2tit-shp.gif, 2 kB 3tit-cm.gif, 2 kB
Titration curves of anion exchangers
4tit-tm.gif, 2 kB 5tit-deae.gif, 2 kB

Where to continue?

 →  IONTOSORB SHP is a strongly acidic cation exchanger.
 →  IONTOSORB CM is a weakly acidic cation exchanger.
 →  IONTOSORB P is a medium acidic cation exchanger.
 →  IONTOSORB TMAHP is a strongly basic anion exchanger.
 →  IONTOSORB DEAE is a weakly basic anion exchanger.
 →  Test Kit for Ion Exchange Chromatography for research work.