General Conditions of Business and Supplement

1.    Object of Trade

1.1    Object of trade is any goods given in the Web-pages of the firm Iontosorb (supplier) in an order form.

2.    Making orders

2.1    Orders are accepted in written form by mail, fax or e-mail at the contact address given below. To dispatch and deliver      your order correctly and on time, please always give the name of sorbents, required porosity, particle size, package size (required quantity) and the address, to which you wish the goods to be delivered (if it is different from the address of the person sending the order).

2.2    In orders made in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to give also ICO (Identification Number of the Organization) of the customer and the name of the bank.

Contact address

IONTOSORB, private firm
Anezky Ceske  657/33
400 07  Usti nad Labem
Czech Republic

ICO: 15172643

VAT ID: CZ5406070241


2.3    In every order the following data are required:

·        Exact name of the required sorbent

·        Sorbent porosity

·        Required quantity

·        Exact name of your firm (legal form)

·        Contact (phone, e-mail) to the person ordering goods (for possible necessity to explain assortment etc.)

·        Exact address of the good payer, if it is different from the address of the ordering subject.

·         Exact address of the place of supplement, contact person and phone of e-mail (if it is different from the address of the ordering subject)

2.4    For faster communication and eventual precision of your order tell us your e-mail address (if it is different from the address of ordering subject.).

3.    Price of Goods

3.1    The price of goods is determined by the valid price list of the firm Iontosorb. The supplier reverses the right to up-to date prices according to market conditions, changes in prices of raw materials and currency movement.

3.2    The prices are valid since its publishing.

3.3    Price discount determined from ordered quantity is calculated into the total price automatically in relation with ordered     amount. The height of provided discount is written in the price list.

3.4    Goods is transported by post or another transport service.

3.5    Transport is not included in prices. Transport and manipulation cost (for preparing a parcel) is added to the price of goods.

4.    Confirmation of an Order and Conditions of Supplement

4.1    In case of unambiguous orders and if confirmation is not required, the goods will be sent without written confirmation of on order. If the order contains e-mail address of a customer, the order will be confirmed by e-mail.

4.2    The time of delivery is usually 2 – 8 weeks since the date of receiving an order. The goods is not produced for store, but always after receiving an order (due to the natural origin of basic cellulose matrix).

4.3    In case when longer time of delivery is necessary, the customer is informed about the delivery term by e-mail (if it is included to the order).

4.4    According to the amount and assortment of goods in an order it is possible to supply the goods in several supplements, if there is not a special demand in an order.

4.5    In special cases the supplier confirms the admitted order by a buying contract. In this case the order is assumed  valid after undersigning the contract by both sides. The suggested buying contract, made by the firm Iontosorb,  is valid one month since the date of sending it out. If the goods is ordered from abroad, the buying contract is made in English.

5.    Place of Supplement

5.1    The supplier is obliged to transport the goods to the place determined by a customer and the customer is obliged to take the goods in this place. The way of transport is determined by the supplier. The customer is responsible for all cost and damage of goods since the moment he received it.

5.2    In case a customer does not take ordered goods, he is obliged to pay all cost arisen to the supplier due to the fact that the customer has not taken the goods (for example cost of storing, re-loading and transport).

6.    Transfer of Ownership

6.1    The goods becomes the property of a customer after payment of the whole price to the supplier.

7.    Conditions of a Payment

7.1    The firm Inotosorb does not admit cheques, because they are sometimes lost by post which causes a missunderstanding between a customer and the firm Iontosorb.

7.2    Perform the payment by a bank transfer according to data (including a SWIFT code) given in an invoice.

7.3    The price of the goods or other obligations to the supplier must be settled by a customer in time within the term of payment, which is usually 14 days, for customers from abroad 21 days.

7.4    In cases given by a supplier (orders of bigger quantities) the supplier can require payment in advance up to 100 % of the total price. After receiving the payment and supplement of the goods an ordinary tax document will be sent out.

7.5    A customer will pay his obligations to the supplier by bank transfer to the account of the supplier. The day of coming the payment to the supplier’s account is assumed the day of payment.

7.6    In case the customer does not fulfil the term of payment, he is obliged to pay the interest from a delay 0,5 % of the total price for every day of the delay.

7.7    The customer is not allowed to transfer his obligations to a third side without an agreement of the supplier.

8.    Titles to the responsibility for defects

8.1    The customer is obliged to check the goods immediately after its taking. If he does not send a written report on defects of the goods till 3 days since taking the goods (7days from abroad), his titles expire.

8.2    The reclaiming of quality can be applied by a customer till 14 days (from abroad 21 days) after taking the goods.

8.3    At every reclaiming the customer is obliged to include the goods and a reclaiming protocol containing the name of the firm, its address, legal form, identification number of the organization, tax identification number, date of purchase, the number of the invoice to the goods, description of the defect, date and signature of an authorized person.

8.4    The entitled reclaiming will be managed by replacing the goods or by a credit note.

9.    Packing and Packages

9.1    All sorbents are supplied in fully swollen stage (in water)., partially immersed with 20 % ethanole-water solution.  The only exclusions are sorbents Iontosorb TS and Iontosorb CNC, which are supplied in fully swollen stage in the mixture of water with 20% of acetone. The quantity of packing is given in volume units.

9.2    For packing all sorbents Iontosorb, plastic packages with a label containing all data are used. In the form usual packages (quantities) of individual products are given. In case of agreement with a customer also other packages (quantities) are possible.

9.3    Plastic packages for ordered amounts 250 ml to 2500 ml (or multiplies) have a broad neck with a colored cap and a sealing gasket. The color of the cap determines the type of the sorbent according to the following table. Packages for amounts less then 250 ml or larger then 10 litters do not have colored caps.

9.4    The package is irreversible and its price is added to the price of the sorbent.


Colored Caps of Packages according to the Type of the Sorbent

Types of Sorbents IONTOSORB Color of a cap
   Cation Exchangers RED
   Anion Exchangers BLUE
   Chelating (Selective) Sorbents GREEN
   Reactive Sorbents and Iontosorb AV YELLOW
   Sorbents for Dye-Ligand Chromatography PURPLE
   Sorbents for Hydrophobic Chromatoghraphy BROWN
   Bead Cellulose without functional groups WHITE

10.    Guaranty of the Quality

10.1    The supplier warrants that his products answer to the description given in catalogues and Web-pages of the firm Iontosorb, analytical data and other special literature. This guaranty is exclusive. The supplier is not responsible for any damage arisen from incorrect use or misuse , if the customer did not work with the product according to instructions supplied or published by the supplier (for example in a web-site).

10.2    The supplier includes a certificate of quality to every ordered goods.

10.3    The production of all sorbents Iontosorb is controlled by internal instructions of the firm Iontosorb, especially by the direction “Instructions for the Production of Cellulose Sorbents Iontosorb” and other related instructions.

10.4    Quality evaluation of all sorbents Iontosorb is controlled by the direction “Analytical Tests of Cellulose Sorbents Iontosorb” and adequate standards.

11.    Concluding Remark

11.1    Relations between participants, which are not described in above given conditions, are governed by Czech laws, especially by the paragraph 409 and the law 513/91 Sb in its full text.

11.2    In case of special demands the demands have to be written in an order or a buying contract. In other cases,  by ordering the goods using the ordering form the customer expresses his agreement with above given conditions.

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