Iontosorb DETA

Chelating sorbent

With diethylenetriamine bound covalently in side chains of bead-form cellulose:

Chemical Structure (1443 bytes)

The concentration of functional groups in the sorbent is 0.4 mmol/g min. Iontosorb DETA has a high selectivity for heavy metal ions, above all for Cooper and Cobalt, which makes this sorbent capable of catching them even from ammoniac media. Its selectivity is so high as to absorb the above ions even in presence of chelating agents such as EDTA sodium salt (Complexone 3®) or cyanides. Iontosorb DETA may also be used for separating gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium one from another.

The sorption capacity for chosen metals depending on pH is given in the Figure:

Capacity of Sorbent (3604 bytes)

Technical Parameters

Porozity TypeParticle Size [μm]

DETA 100

30 - 50
50 - 80
80 - 100
100 - 250
250 - 500

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